Wellness Center 

Mathiesen Memorial Health Clinic invite all of our community members to enjoy and use our programs at our Wellness Center; our goal is to offer an opportunity to engage with our staff in looking to bring about a healthy body, mind, and spirit through a balanced approach to healing and overall wellbeing via our : Yoga and Hep C support group , with more programs to follow. Call our Wellness Center for more information at 

209-984-4820 .

Behavioral Health 

Our Wellness Center uses an integrative, bio-psycho-social approach to therapy, an approach that helps patients to heal by taking the entire life experience into consideration. We offer individual, family, and child therapy as well as other specialties including hypnosis, EMDR, art therapy, and psychological testing.

Mathiesen Memorial Health Clinic & Chicken Ranch Rancheria  Mission Statement : A healthy body is the foundation towards life’s balance with mind and spirit. The Mathiesen Memorial Health Clinic will be partner for life with the greater Jamestown Indian and general community along this path.