Mathiesen Memorial Health Clinic



       To improve the health and happiness of our community as the premier place to give and receive care that embraces the          balance of mind, body, and spirit.



       Established by the Chicken Ranch Mewuk Rancheria, Mathiesen Memorial Health Clinic is a small clinic with a big heart           close to home, yet far from ordinary. We serve with kindness, integrity, compassion, collaboration, and strive for                         excellence to maximize individual and community health.



       The Mathiesen Memorial Health Clinic staff are a team and as such, we value:


  • Autonomy:

       Our team respects the patient's right of choice and advocates on the patient's behalf when necessary.


  • Integrity:

       Our team provides testing and care options in a reliable, transparent, and open-minded manner.


  • Communication:

       Good communication is the foundation of good relationships and outcomes. Our team and patients will communicate             openly with one another.


  • Trust:

       Our team and patients are expected to be honest and trustworthy.


  • Compassion:

       Our team provides open-minded compassionate care to patients, colleagues, and themselves.  


  • Collaboration:

       Our engaged team is dedicated to working together for the health of our patients and our community.


  • Confidentiality:

       Our team respects the confidentiality of all protected information.


  • Integrative Health:

       Many factors affect health.  The Mathiesen Memorial Health Clinic team and patients recognize the many traditional and         alternative options available to enhance whole person health.


  • Empowerment:

       Our team will empowers patients to participate in the active process of health and healing.


  • Quality and Excellence:

       Our team continuously improves knowledge and practice to provide patients with the best up-to-date evidence-based           care options.


  • Respect:

       Our team and patients respect one another and provide care in a nonjudgmental, kind, equitable manner. Patients are               our honored guests.


  • Sense of humor:

       Life is challenging and full of unexpected experiences, good and bad. An optimistic attitude and ability to see the humor         in situations improves longevity, improves the experience, and encourages a smile.


Striving for community health:

Our goal is not only to provide excellent individualized health services, but also to improve community health from a social, educational, and public health perspective.

Mathiesen Memorial Health Clinic & Chicken Ranch Rancheria  Mission Statement : A healthy body is the foundation towards life’s balance with mind and spirit. The Mathiesen Memorial Health Clinic will be partner for life with the greater Jamestown Indian and general community along this path.