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What is Therapeutic Yoga?

A therapeutic yoga session consists of movement, breathwork and centering practices that aim to focus  on a patients' individual needs to help reduce symptoms, improve daily function and to feel better all around. Empowering patients to be active in their own self-care while improving their emotional relationship with health conditions is our primary objective. A therapeutic yoga approach is holistic--we work with the physical body along with the mental/emotional to cultivate a deeper feeling of being connected & complete. All sessions are trauma-sensitive. 


Note: During the covid-19 situation we are holding two 'live' sessions per week on Tuesdays and providing multiple recorded sessions. If you are a patient, you may attend and access any of these free of charge. Please consult with your health provider if you have any medical concerns. Reach out to our Yoga Therapist, Colleen Gavan to access the 'live' and recorded sessions


Tuesdays: 2:30pm 'Live' on Zoom

Therapeutic Yoga: Mat based--For those that have the ability to get up and down from the floor--- this class will be more physically energetic than the therapeutic chair session but will have the same intention: to empower you to move toward improved health and well-being through movement, breath work and centering. Trauma sensitive. All patients are welcome.


Tuesdays: 4pm 'Live' on Zoom

Therapeutic Yoga: Chair based-- A class designed to empower you to move toward improved health and well-being. Through gentle movements, breath work and centering, we will build stress resiliency and help you to feel better in your body. We begin seated in the chair and there is also the opportunity to do standing postures using the chair for support. Trauma Sensitive. All patients are welcome.



Colleen Gavan

Yoga Therapist

Colleen is a certified Yoga Therapist who loves to help people use movement and mindfulness to feel better in their bodies and more peaceful in their everyday lives. Drawing upon her background in education, psychology and various movement practices, she creates a safe, compassionate space to empower & inspire clients to take charge of their own health & wellbeing.

Colleen has been teaching yoga for 19 years and practicing yoga therapy for the past 5 years. She is also a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner in training, which is a body based trauma healing practice.

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