Wellness Center   

Our Wellness Center uses an integrative, bio-psycho-social approach to therapy, an approach that helps patients to heal by taking the entire life experience into consideration. We offer individual, family, and child therapy as well as other specialties including hypnosis, EMDR, art therapy, and psychological testing.

 Our Commitment to Our  Patients

To provide a safe, caring and compassionate environment in which patient concerns are actively listened to and patients are offered the best and most appropriate medical advice and encouraged to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Hepatitis C Program

MMHC is unique in its offering of hepatitis C treatment.  People often travel 2-3 hours to see us for this service and we are proud to give this life altering treatment to those suffering with hepatitis C.  The treatments no longer require injections and are not restricted to only the very sick.  Everyone is eligible for treatment and we urge anyone who has hepatitis C, or thinks they do to come in for an evaluation. We have a rapid Hepatitis C screening test and can know in 20 minutes if you have been exposed to Hepatitis C.  We are encouraging everyone to evaluate their risk and get screened for Hepatitis C.

Welcoming New Patients for Primary Medical Care and Counseling
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Taking care of your health

Chicken Ranch Rancheria
Me-Wuk Indians of California

Chicken Ranch Rancheria

established in 1985

Owned and operated by the

Chicken Ranch Rancheria Me-Wuk Indians of California

Opened Mathiesen Memorial Health Clinic in 2008

in a continued effort to support Jamestown and the

surrounding community with an economic medical resource.

California Rural Indian Health Board 

The California Rural Indian Health Board (CRIHB) was formed to provide a central focal point in the Indian health field in California for planning, advocacy, funding, training, technical assistance, coordination, fund raising, education, development and for the purpose of promoting unity and formulating common policy on Indian health care issues.

Indian Health Services

Our Mission: to raise the physical, mental, social, and spiritual health of American Indians and Alaska Natives to the highest level.
Our Goal: to assure that comprehensive, culturally acceptable personal and public health services are available and accessible to American Indian and Alaska Native people.
Our Foundation: to uphold the Federal Government's obligation to promote healthy American Indian and Alaska Native people, communities, and cultures and to honor and protect the inherent sovereign rights of Tribes.